News & Comments on Striped Bass

Here are comments sent in by some of our members.

Ron H.

"We need to do more frequent stocking programs with fingerling Stripers . Also more Trout releases to help the fingerlings start to grow rapidly. The recent Striper Fishing Tournaments that drew National response should show that Stripers are a resource for local industries to get involved in. Bass fisherman strive to catch a Bass over 10 lbs . But Stripers get so much larger and are so much more fun to catch . Don't let the stocking of Stripers ever
stop as they don't reproduce in fresh waters. This would end a new fishing revolution. Take a Kid fishing & keep them out of " JAIL " "

Michael K.

"The state biologists should continue to make lake management decisions.  Management and stocking decisions that are based on proven facts, instead of boat ramp balderdash, are what make good fisheries."

John J.

"I sure hope that Striped Bass stocking will not be stopped. Striped Bass fishing was the biggest reason my wife and I are moving to Arkansas. If it is stopped we will move back to Florida."

Wendell G.

"I come down 2-3 times a year to fish striper.  I would hate to see them go away."

Tom N.

"Stripers are great.  Keep stocking them!!!!"

Carlos G.

"I support the Striped Bass Stocking and management. I would also hate to see the stocking stop. I am a avid striped bass fisherman and love the sport."

Ronny R.

"We most certainly support Striped Bass enthusiasts and State/Federal fisheries admin in promoting Striped Bass Fishing. We wish you the best to maintain and expand other programs to keep trophy quality sport-fishing going."

Art J.

"I was in Arkansas in November 2005 and went fishing for striped bass for the first time.  It was a great experience and hope I can get down there gain real soon for more of the same."

Susan J.

"I love Striper fishing on Lake Ouachita"

Pat J

"After many years of Tournament fishing and fishing for bass, my husband can no longer fish for bass and other species that require "jerking" the bait. We recently moved to Arkansas for the Stripers.  We can get out on the water, troll, catch some fish and enjoy the day. Please continue to stock the waters - Ouachita and Lake Hamilton with Stripers.  The stripers feed in deep water, bass feed in shallow waters, so they can co-habitate.  I think if you discontinue your stocking program, many people (tourist and residence) will be forced to take their money elsewhere including us returning to Florida."

Greg K.

"I was introduced to striped bass fishing in 2002 and was pleasantly surprised. When I first saw the ads on a visit to Arkansas I assumed it was a rich man's sport, but a few friends and I decided to try it and we all loved it! We also found that when we go in groups of 3 or 4 it's very affordable for those of us who work for a living.  Since then I've been taking at least two trips a year to the striped bass haven of Lake Ouachita in one of the most scenic areas of Arkansas. Tourist dollars are very important to the habitants of this area, and they're perhaps the most genuinely friendly people I've ever met in my travels. The bait and tackle shops, the grocery stores, the gas stations, and other local businesses would lose a significant amount of income if striped bass disappeared. And people would have to go to the coast to find these hard-fighting, great-tasting fish.  This would make it less affordable for the working class and take income away from some beautiful but economically depressed areas of our country. That would be a tragedy."

Dave L.

It is very simple!! Striper fishing is a wonderful sport or past time, depending on how involved you want to get. I'm a guide on Lake Ouachita, Hot Springs, Arkansas. 300 Days a year I get to see all sorts of people, young and old, feel the thrill of a the strongest fresh water fish peel off some line..... I fish in several states and it is all the same great action!!!!


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