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Membership in Striped Bass Unlimited is provided free. If you choose to donate funds or help our cause in other ways it will be greatly appreciated.  Striped Bass Unlimited goals and interests cover the entire range of freshwater Striped Bass fisheries within the United States, and they are as follows:
To work with Striped Bass enthusiasts, and State/Federal fisheries administrations in promoting Striped Bass Fishing.

To protect, and to preserve our aquatic environments for future generations to enjoy.

To maintain established lake stocking programs and to expand other programs in an effort to maintain trophy quality sport-fishing for the future.
To work with Striped Bass groups/clubs to help educate others about this great resource.     

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We will not give out any of our members personal information, it will be used only to contact members about news updates, and to petition lawmakers and/or those involved with setting state/federal fishing regulations/policies.

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