Arkansas Striped Bass Fishing.

Striper Guides Lake Ouachita
and Lake Hamilton.

Ben Sander's

Ben Sanders

Striper Fishing Guide Lake Ouachita

The following lakes and rivers were selected by Arkansas's freshwater fisheries biologists as being the most likely to be highly productive for Striped Bass.

  • Lake Ouachita

    • Striper fishing in Lake Ouachita a 40,000 plus acre impoundment on the Ouachita river in Arkansas is renown for world class tackle busting Striped bass. Fish over 50 pounds have been caught in the deep clear waters. Managed by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission as a Trophy Striper Lake no natural Spawning takes place.

  • Lake Hamilton

    • Lake Hamilton is a 7500 acre lake below Lake Ouachita on the Ouachita River Striped bass are stocked on a regular basis and fish over 50 pounds show up most ever year. It has held the Arkansas record on two separate occasions. The fertile waters create a large population of shad. Angler catches 61 pound striped bass on Lake Hamilton.

  • Lake Greeson

    • Striped bass are stocked each year and fish in the 8 to 12-pound range are common, although stripers over 20 pounds show up.

  • Lake Norfork

    • Striped bass fingerlings are stocked into Norfork annually. Fish in the 10 to 20-pound range are common and stripers in the 20 to 30-pound range are occur  frequently.

  • Beaver Lake

    • Striped bass are stocked annually.

  • Arkansas River

    • Fish in the 3 to 10 pound range are plentiful.  Striped bass and hybirds bass are found from the Oklahoma boarder to the mouth of the Mississippi River.  Dawn and dusk are prime times for striper fishing. The Stripers will gather up below the dams on the river. Striped Bass are naturally reproducing in the river.


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